We’re hiring! Join EMBIQ server development team

If designing, implementing and developing server and web applications is your thing, you are just the person we are looking for right now!

Due to the growing number of Clients and projects, we are seeking developers who have some experience and are ready to take up new challenges with us.


As a software house, we’re always busy with work, but in a positive way. Our Clients conduct various projects, so, on their commision, our company executes tasks that require profound knowledge, strong experience and, above all, innovative thinking. This means, that in our work there is always place for learning new skills and developing the ones that we already have.

Over the years, our team executed more than 100 projects and acquired vast competencies. We specialise in building internet services, server apps and in hardware construction. We also conduct our own R&D works. The results helped us create OCKO - a system designed for measuring human flow and BLOKO - a sensor platform with various applications, i.a. in industry and medicine.

Tasks and responsibilities

The server development team is involved in projects from all areas of our specialisation. For example, many tasks are currently related to IoT.

“Our work requires practical skills and understanding new ideas. We often handle software integrations, and we also work with hardware. There is something new to learn in almost every project, because innovative ideas and concepts emerge all the time” - says Alexey Shabalovskiy, the CTO.

Interested? Apply now!

Our main office is located in Lublin, Poland. We work in a friendly atmosphere. There’s no formal dress code, because we prefer getting things done with a more relaxed approach. Also, the working time is adjustable to individual needs.


Find out more about working at EMBIQ and about current job offers:

Full Stack Developer
Backend Developer
Frontend Developer

If you have the required skills and you’d like to become a part of EMBIQ server development team, send your CV to → join_us@embiq.com. Please remember to include the personal information protection clause.

We look forward to meeting you!